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Sound n' Sight nominated for #eventprofs "Best Corporate Blog"

It's a projection, pricing, staffing calculator! It's Super Planner!

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Adrian Segar to bring unconference features to two Event Camps

8 can't-live-without tools for event social media management

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Twitter's Follow Suggestions: I'm loving them!

What is Event Camp Twin Cities? An interview with Samuel J. Smith

14 tips for creating an online network that will help you grow

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#eventprofs' dogs meeting on Twitter leads to speaker's gig

What is #eventprofs anyway? The scoop from founder Lara McCulloch

QR Codes for your event: Are they worth it? What mediums make sense?

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#EIR - 12 tips to balance your Twitter yin & yang

10 tips for managing social media at your next event

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MPI social media guru debate highlights changing face of journalism

Email & me: Is there a future for this relationship?

Growing social media communities for events since 2005

The hero's journey and your conference or presentation

Swiss Bureau turns event professionals into rock stars for a night

Event planning experience + social media savvy = smart phone app

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#EIR - A few tips on how to find great people to follow on Twitter

Want to strongly influence how your brand is perceived? Respond!

Scheduled tweets: Annoying or helpful? What do you think?

What I learned at the University of Twitter

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Social media news releases get more publicity for your event

Twitter chats: Don't miss these great networking opportunities!

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Cheryl Lawson on using social media to market your event

MPI UK's Young Achievers Award hopes to help shape events industry

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My social media marketing mentor: Lindsay Fultz of Grosh Backdrops

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8 tips for creating quality promotional video for your event

Broadcast news-style video comes to conferences, tradeshows via CNTV

Interview with Carrie Ferenac of CNTV: Part 1

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Twitter IS real life

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Book Review: The Principles of Applied Stupidity

Leadership, marketing & stupidity: An interview with Justin Locke

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Re-engineering incentive travel for a post Wall Street meltdown world

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Why you need to smile more to earn more

Social Media Timesavers: RSS feeds & other little helpers

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Lyksumlikrish's Top Links April 18-24, 2010

Face to face online networking

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Social Media Marketers: Are you talking to your fans or with them?

#EIR - How to find click-worthy links to tweet, quickly & easily

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#EIR - Actions speak louder than Twitter backgrounds

Change: The challenge of staying upright when the ground is shaking

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Emilie Barta shares her thoughts on tradeshow trends

Events industry: It's time to step out from behind the curtain

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How to fit branding into your busy life

Attendee driven conferences: An interview with Adrian Segar

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Finding the right audio visual match for your event

#EIR - RETWEET! The battle cry of social media marketing

Emilie Barta shares examples of best, worst tradeshow exhibits

Event Supplier of Year @PinkDeb: Be a resource for your clients

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On Twitter what you don't say is as important as what you do say

Emilie Barta on Tradeshows: 3 tips for attracting people to your booth

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What to look for in an online event community

Online communities for events; an interview with Clinton Bonner

Lyksumlikrish's Top Links Feb. 20-27, 2010

Event professionals you should know: Paul Cook of Planet Planit

How to make a name for yourself: Liz King on the value of branding

Are you enriching, polluting or just taking from the Twitter stream?

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Lyksumlikrish's Top Links Feb. 7 - 14, 2010

26 things I learned about #eventprofs at Event Camp

Lyksumlikrish's Top Links Jan. 31 - Feb. 6, 2010

8 #EC10 takeaways on hybrid events and backchannels

Thoughts on #EC10 and how social media creates a NEED for events

Susan Radojevic: Ensuring events continue when the economy tanks

I'm going to camp!! The very first Event Camp is just days away

Lyksumlikrish's Top Links Jan. 24-30, 2010

6 tips to improve sound quality when using a handheld microphone

Sharpen your listening skills for success in social media marketing

Spread more love! Join these Eventprofs Facebook pages

Icon Projects A-List at 2010 Palm Springs Film Festival

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Full service vs in-house audio visual for your event: The real story

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Lyksumlikrish's Top Links Dec. 12-19, 2009

8 ways to create a healthy relationship with failure

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How to party, effectively, on Twitter

Greatest Hits Nov. 28 - Dec. 4 2009

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Event Planners: Choose your medium wisely, it is your message

12 wide-screen video blending tips for your event