Are Angels Engaging With Humans on Twitter? Interview with Amit Verma

Posted by Jenise Fryatt on Fri, Jul 01, 2011 @ 08:45 AM

amitvtweetsI don't remember which of Amit Verma's Modern Life blog posts first caught my attention. What I do remember is that it was inspiring and amazingly insightful and it caused me to want to know more about the writer.

But when I read his "About" page I was blown away. I couldn't believe a 15 year old kid from India could be so wise and in tune with what's really important in life. 

Amit seemed to truly embody his angelic avatar. I was charmed and I started to retweet his posts. I noticed that lots of other people were retweeting Amit's posts too. Then I noticed that he made some list of top bloggers (which I can't seem to find now.) Remarkable, I thought at the time.

Amit friended me on Facebook and would occasionally instant message me to ask me how I was doing and offer a word of support. Even with a slight language barrier and the limitations of online communication, he always managed to convey kindness and compassion.When he asked me to write a guest post for his blog Modern Life, I couldn't say no.

I've been blogging for a year and a half. I write 2 of my own blogs, and guest post on several others, but NEVER has one of my posts been retweeted as many times as the guest post I wrote for Amit.

I decided to follow all Amit's friends who had tweeted a link to my post. They all came from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. But they all had two things in common: they were generous people who wanted to help others.

I find my friendship with Amit remarkable because it defies the obstacles of time, space and status and exemplifies how transcendent online social platforms can be. I mean, BEFORE social media, a friendship like this would have been as unlikely for me as an ice storm in Palm Springs.

Even more amazing, I get the sweeter deal in this friendship. Amit has introduced me to some of the most kind, inspiring, generous and influential people on Twitter. He has supported my blogging efforts; helped me to get a mobile app for my blog, introduced me to Triberr (which has increased my reach exponentially) and is always there with a kind word and virtual hug.

Sometimes, and don't laugh, but I really wonder if I'm talking to an angel when I talk to Amit.  He doesn't seem to do anything unless it serves to help others.

To give you more of an idea of what Amit is like, I thought I'd share an interview with him.

Amit VermaJENISE: What got you started blogging and tweeting?

AMIT: Great questions dear. First I would like to thank you for honoring me so much. Yeah!! I started using twitter first and never thought of blogging or starting a blog.

While tweeting I discovered some people sharing blogposts and expressing their views on various topics like social media, inspiration, technology & charities etc. So I decided to start my blog to express my views while sharing others. I am curious about new technologies & gadgets so I started putting info of new  gadgets in my blog. This was all started suddenly & all in fun but now it's become part of my life and also my passion.

JENISE: What do you enjoy most about it?

AMIT: I enjoy that we share our content & reviews. And most importantly you are able to connect with great people and get useful information from them. There's so much to learn on twitter. Always something new to read & get info. Twitter Rocks :-)

Blogging is your medium in which you express your views. You learn express freely on your blog, so others may get more info about something new like technology, inspiration or social media information. So I love these platforms because they allow us to communicate with others.

JENISE: Is there anything about social media that you find frustrating?

AMIT: Nope i don't have frustrating from social media. But some times i feel that the world is so weird that and we don't understand it fully ever.

Some people take your help & when the time comes that you need any help they won't listen to you or care for you or support you.This I feel is frustrating. In social media everyone wants to reach the top without helping others.

It's ok. Everyone has some reason for it so I don't complain about them.
It's all good about social media & thanks to Twitter & Facebook for making the world smaller to connect.

JENISE: What are your goals?

AMIT: 1 - To be come a tech expert. 2 - To own a company which belongs to me. 3 - To help every living creature 4 - To be a public motivator 5 - A huge mansion for my mom.

JENISE: What advice would you give others for success in social media?

AMIT: Oh! Advice from me. I'm still not at that age to give advice to others. I am still learning social media. So I only give my views on social media success tips. It's a great platform to express yourself. It may expand your business, network, or your working field.     
1 -  Support everyone & listen to your heart.

2 - Listen to what your audience is  talking about & try to understand their likes/interests.

3 - Start conversations - It's most important in social media success. Start discussions about your work, website or blog

4 - Sharing is caring : So always share others content on Twitter & Facebook.

5 - Take the time to interact, give back, and use replies and retweets. Comment on blogs in the most unselfish ways possible.

You can follow Amit at @AmitV_Tweets or check out his blog Modern Life.
Also, I'm not the only one who finds Amit and his approach to social media fascinating. 

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