Long Beach Convention Center to Showcase Arena Renovation

Posted by Jenise Fryatt on Sat, Oct 26, 2013 @ 02:22 PM

Disclosure:  The Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau has invited me to attend the grand opening of its renovated Long Beach Arena free of charge and has agreed to pay for my accommodations during the event in exchange for my sharing of news about it on my social media channels and blog.

As someone who spent her childhood growing up in Long Beach, California, my ears perk up whenever it is mentioned.  As a passionate event industry professional, I love hearing about anything that gives event planners more tools with which to create.

So I was doubly happy to hear that the Long Beach Arena has undergone a $7 million renovation, dramatically expanding its versatility in hosting special events. And I am especially thrilled to be invited to cover the grand opening November 20 as a social influencer reporter.  

The grand opening will showcase The Pacific Ballroom; 45,000 square feet of multi-purpose event space that can now accommodate various-size events by lowering electronically operated curtains from the ceiling to portions of the upper deck seating areas.

Over the ballroom, a steel tension grid supporting state-of-the-art LED stage lighting, sound systems and decorative elements is suspended, creating a space that can be customized to suit the imagination.

The grid is the largest such “flying” structure in the country, according to LBCVB officials, and can be raised and lowered to adjust the ceiling height for a more intimate environment of up to 3,000 people or a larger seating capacity of up to 13,000.

Aware of the power of social media exposure, the LBCVB has created an exciting social media strategy and is engaging with industry bloggers and social media users to get the word out.

As part of that strategy, I will also be excited to share what I learn in future blog posts.

If you are interested in becoming a social influencer reporter at this event, you may want to enter the LBCVB's Social Influencer contest.

One winner will be chosen via Twitter and one via Instagram.

How to enter on Twitter:

In 140 characters or less share what Sight, Sound and Space means to you when designing an event. All entries must use the hashtag #SightSoundLBC  http://on.fb.me/H4Pu4N

How to enter on Instagram:

Show your interpretation of Sight, Sound and Space for an event. All entries must use the hashtag#SightSoundLBC and tag @SightSoundLBC on Instagram. http://on.fb.me/H2349U

You can have a sneak peak at the venue via the video below.


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